• An overview of website terminology

  • Creating a plan for your web pages including deciding the best way to implement them.

  • Joomla components such as templates, modules and extensions

  • Getting started by choosing a web host and installing Joomla.

  • Logging into Joomla for the first time as the admin user, setting up security and activating essential modules.

  • Finding your way around in the global configuration dashboard.

  • How to decide whether a blog or a static website is best for your needs.

  • Using the built-in editor to create your first article.

  • The sections of a theme from the header via the body and sidebars to the footer.

Simple Introduction to Building Your Own Website

Joomla is a software package widely used to create stunning websites. It is issued under an open-source licence making it free to install and use. Joomla can be used to create all types of websites including personal, blogs, information, community and online businesses. The Joomla software almost looks after itself leaving you to focus on creating great content.

This book assumes no prior knowledge of how to create a website and has many step-by-step guides and checklists to help you. There are some troubleshooting appendices to help you fix many of the common issues. If you can use a web browser, you can create a website using Joomla.

CSS; it’s often the second language that developers learn, right behind HTML.

Although it started off as a language used to format documents, it’s now a robust language styling complicated layouts, micro-interactions, digital animations and more. It’s quite amazing how much can be accomplished just with CSS.

If you’ve been around long enough though, you know that progress in a language often come with complications. Complications like maintenance, loading time and grid layouts with multi-device functionality.

This site is under construction. The first step is finding a template appropriate to the topic.

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